Tactical Lab

These are our Tactical Lab “Tac Lab”®  courses. These courses are 1 hour long blocks of training that will require you to bring 100 rounds of ammo (unless you use a rental from us). They will challenge you, make you a better shooter, and most of all a better thinker when it comes to using your gun. Whether you are looking to improve for home defense or to go beyond what is typically allowed at a “range” these classes are for you. These training sessions are so key because they break up the skills into teachable blocks you will actually remember. You cannot let yourself stand at a static range and shoot a paper target. You’ve got to move! You’ve got to practice the skills that actually help win a gun fight. 

If you are at this site to redeem your conceal carry coupon you can email me at the following address: info@365carry.com for instructions on how to book your class. If your Groupon deal has expired you will be required to pay the remainder of the class fee which is an additional $70 per person. If you wish to redeem the Groupon please email info@365carry.com for further information on how to redeem.

Here is a basic idea of some of the topics/drills we cover in classes over the course of a year:

  • Fundamentals (Marksmanship enhancement)
  • Loading/Reloading speed
  • Shooting under stress (time, noise, etc)
  • Threats w/ a hostage
  • Vehicles (shooting in and around)
  • Distance shooting
  • Malfunctions
  • Low Light shooting (pitch black, back lighting, front lighting)
  • Flashlight techniques
  • Room clearing
  • Moving and shooting
  • Difficult/Unusual shooting positions
  • Cover/Concealment use
  • Ground fighting
  • One handed shooting
  • And many more!