Conceal Carry

If you have a voucher for the “Conceal Carry” course you can use that for payment of the class. A rental gun (including ammo) is not covered by the voucher. It is $10 extra and can be chosen when you book the class date. When booking on the calendar, if the date is RED it is because the class is booked full. If the date is GREEN you should be able to click the date and fill in your information below.

You will be put into a situation (scenario) in which you will have to make deadly force decisions. If this makes you uncomfortable you do not have to participate in the scenario, but it is one of the biggest and most helpful things to preparing you for a real encounter. Please take your training seriously if you plan on taking this course. Know you will be challenged and stretched from what you may or may not know or have ever realized about self defense.

If you are at this site to redeem your conceal carry coupon you can email me at the following address: for instructions on how to book your class. If your Groupon deal has expired you will be required to pay the remainder of the class fee which is an additional $70 per person. If you wish to redeem the Groupon please email for further information on how to redeem.

Here is an idea of what you will learn and do in the Conceal Carry Class:

  • Scenario involving a live attacker
  • Fundamentals of Shooting (Grip, Stance, Trigger Control, etc)
  • Deadly Force (How to handle and what to do after)
  • Where and how to shoot an assailant
  • Truth and Myths of a firearm and what it is capable of
  • Parts of the gun and how it functions and malfunctions
  • How to clean, store, and maintain your weapon
  • Local laws surrounding firearms and their use
  • How to draw your weapon and what to wear
  • Human reaction to stress during a gun fight or any confrontation
  • What gun to buy and how to look for a good price
  • How to avoid being a victim and other options to defend yourself
  • How to increase protection of your home and family
  • Live Fire qualification at a private range
  • And much more!