Why take a course at Everyday Carry?

We believe in Accessible, Practical, and Professional training. In other words you should be able to afford it, apply what you learned, and know you are getting quality training. Firearms and Self Defense is a “use it or lose it” skill which takes serious and calculated effort.

You will find a class here like no where else. We are proud to offer courses that push the student beyond their expectations and train like the student will fight in real life. Though we do care about your comfort, we care more you would survive the “terror of the moment.” You will be challenged, and you will thank us… later.

Already Paid For A Class?

If you have already paid for a class, and you have a voucher follow this link to schedule your class. We can’t wait to meet you and join you in your training journey. Find a training day that works best for you and get ready!

What Classes Are Available?

Interested to find out the training available to you? Follow this link and choose your path to carry a firearm with confidence. Our class list is always growing with feedback from what you, the armed citizen, want to have.

New Scenario Based Classes

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to appropriately deal with a potential robbery, car jacking, movie shooting, or more? Training under stress is key to surviving a real encounter.